ADYNE Netherlands

ADYNE Netherlands is the Dutch extension of the African Diaspora Youth Network in Europe. We promote youth participation at local level, social entrepreneurship and provide methods and tools for the integration of immigrants in The Netherlands.

We advise on role former refugees and immigrants may play to assist newcomers who settle and aim to participate in a positive way in their respective municipalities.

We make ourselves available to all. First to young African immigrants and refugees who have taken up residence in the Netherlands, then to other groups of newcomers who need our assistance or advice on questions that relate to their integration and participation in the Netherlands. Although several agencies support immigrants through activities such as the Dutch language lessons and integration courses, immigrants keep facing several barriers that make their integration and participation processes even more difficult. Here, is where ADYNE Netherlands plays a significant role. We work hand-in-hand with former immigrants and refugees who commit to volunteer and support newcomers to integrate their hosting society by means of sharing best practices and basic language skills. Concretely, former migrants, in this process, serve as a bridge between newcomers and institutions.

We want to be the first point of contact for young immigrants when they first arrive in The Netherlands. Here, they need to learn their rights but also their obligations in the Netherlands. Furthermore, we assist asylum-seekers to find appropriate legal assistance. ADYNE Netherlands provides also training courses to immigrants and migrant organizations.

We have already implemented several projects, activities and more are in the planning. Currently, we plan to increase more outreach in order to meet the growing demand for assistance.