Integration of new migrants

We support and assist young immigrants to efficiently and quickly integrate their hosting society. This process is made possible through hand-in-hand cooperation with former immigrants and refugees who work as follows:

  • Inform newcomers how the integration procedure works in The Netherlands. This includes its accessibility, its compulsiveness and repercussions that are related to it once not follow up.
  • Guide and assist newcomers to deal with administrative issues such as immigration office, youth welfare office, court, employment agency and several institutions;
  • Assist newcomers to improve their communication skills in Dutch. (Interpreting and translating) between young immigrants and agencies both governmental and non-governmental organizations.
  • Empower young people for active participation in their communities and cultural understanding.
  • Design projects that support the integration of young immigrants in The Netherlands.

Facilitate Africa/Europe relations for development

Internationally, we engage young people with African background to play a leading role in the African-European cooperation on migration and refugee issues for sustainable development of both continents. The African Diaspora Youth Network in Europe, extension Netherlands is a resourceful as well as in a position to build mutually beneficial and strong relationships between Africa and Europe and contribute to the prevention of mass displacement of people from Africa to Europe and vice-versa.